Registered Treeing Walker  pups For Sale! Bred for bear,coon,cats! Hounds that trail game to tree!
This is what we have for sale at this time. Thanks for visiting our site!! Mears' old Finley River and Spring Creek Rock our main Walker bloodlines. We
kept the bloodline pure for a reason!!!  Easy to start pups,  open on track & tree dogs. Breeding top hunting dogs to top hunting dogs since 1990! We
don't breed dogs that don't hunt!  Buyers pay all shipping related cost, all cost associated with new pup or dog!! NO DEPOSIT REFUNDED!! $100
deposit is due when you buy a pup or dog. So my time isn't wasted or yours. Sometimes a young pup likes coon better than bear and sometimes likes
bear better than coon. We will let the owner come for a different pup if not satisfied with pup but must bring it back to our home for replacement or
refund of puppy price as long as the papers are in order.  We reserve the right to return your money if we don't feel you would make a good owner of
our hounds. We do ship but rather use a good dog hauler we recommend Buckeye Dog hauling or Great Lakes Pet Transport. We do not use haulers
that cram five or more pups in one crate. Our local airport ships by air US only again buyer has to pay all shipping cost!!!!! We are still breeding , raising
, training and hunting our dogs!
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All pictures are owned by us and not to be taken with out our permission. Copy right laws. Thanks
Our pups are hunted on cats,bear, or coon tree game. $350 for females $300 for males depends on cross. We feed only top quality dog food.
Shots we give the pups is Duramune Max 5 with parvo and coronavius Puppy shot. As we have found when you give pups both parvo and
corona shots don't have any issues with pups getting sick. All pups are UKC reg, shots and wormed regular and feed top dog food Sportmix
wholesome chicken and at times add sportmix energy plus24/20. Here we treat our dogs like part of the family when not hunting they live longer
and hunt better.
Bruce is as good as it gets for accurate cold nose treed dog on coon, bear and cats has cold nose with big bawl mouth that can wind the
game when jumped and run to catch. Pups out Bruce are treeing mean barn cats by four or five months when left running loose on farm.
Coon by six on their own bear by nine months old on own. Bruce's pups are outstanding when hunted. We had three of Bruce's daughter
here this summer all can run and tree coon, as well as cats and bear. Alone or in company. Bruce stud fee $300 Neg Brucellosis test
This is Bruce's mom's pedigree
Bruce's & Dot's dad's
Dott's mom Shania's mom's
pedigree link just click on
Dott's moms father Dukes
pedigree link click on
Dott's dad Ledfords
Lonnie pedigree link click
This is what our
line has produced
for cat dogs
bobcat or lions
they are the same
on bear and
coon. You start
the pup on the
tree game desired!
This 11 month
old pup has been
hunted alone.
This young male
from Penn is out
of a Bruce
daughter Gabby
and Lonnie.
Lonnie's pups are
hunted on coon,
bear, and all cats.
At stud : Copper out of the Oscar
and Dott cross. Copper is a beautiful
hound. But we don't show dogs
anymore rather hunt them. Copper is
a super loud bawl mouth and throws
it on his pups. Copper is leased from
Brian Westman Greenbush, MN.
Copper was hunted on coon, bobcats,
coyotes in MN We have him started
on bear and leading the way with his
mom Dott and aunt Lizzy. We are
offering Copper at stud for $250 neg
brucellosis test required
Oscar's mom Fancy
Nancy's pedigree
Copper outstanding two year old his pups are treeing sent drags at three months
old. Copper's pedigree is on the right for his mom Dott.
Oscar treeing Copper's dad
Oscar's dad
GrNitech, GrCH
Dymond mom's
Ally's pedigree
Oscar's dad
GrNiteCh, GrCh
Dymond's sire's
Lonnie and Bel have pups born early this morning. Lost count after 12. Bel is a amazing mom. Both dogs are proven producers of cold nose track and tree dogs. Most
of the pups from both dogs are straight cat dogs with mules, horses, rigs on snowmobiles or utv's. The others are hunted on bear and coon and cats also. $350 females
$300 males. If you like cold noses that can warm a track up and run with it have the drive to catch or tree game. Will let you know what's available for pup.
Dot Copper's mom. We only breed the best to the best for almost 30 years.
Track and tree dogs that are born to track and tree game when hunted.
Lizzy and Copper pups due end of Oct 29. Lizzy
had been treeing bears since her first time out.
Lizzy will not come of a bear or cat unless treed or
you take her off. Lizzy and Copper are proven
producers of track and tree dogs. $400 for females
$350 for males booked till we see what she has.
Lizzy treed on a bear her first time out at a year old.
Lizzy is Dot's littermate sister.
If you like loud track and tree dogs with brains and sense plus
ability and drive don't wait too long our pups book fast these
should be some tuff pups. Copper has pups out west treeing cat
sent drags at 3 and half months old.