Registered Treeing Walker Hounds or pups For Sale! Bred for bear,coon,cats! Hounds that trail game to tree!
This is what we have for sale at this time. Thanks for visiting our site!! Mears' old Finley River and Spring Creek Rock our main Walker bloodlines.
We kept the bloodline pure for a reason!!! Spring Creek Rock put the drive on track, what stopped them at the tree, where the brains from. If you like
dogs that drive a track and have tree power we don't give on either!  Easy to start our pups not much interest in off game, very open on track and
stay put tree dog. Breeding top hunting dogs to top hunting dogs since 1990!  Buyers always pay all shipping related cost also any cost associated
with new pup or dog!! NO DEPOSIT REFUNDED!! $100 deposit is due when you buy a pup or dog. So my time isn't wasted or yours. All have two year
guarantee to hunt when hunted !!!  We hunt what we breed and breed what we hunt. Sometimes a young pup likes coon better than bear and
sometimes likes bear better than coon. We will let the owner come for a different pup up till they are two years old. We reserve the right to return
your money if we don't feel you would make a good owner of our hounds.
Phone is 715-360-4738
All pictures are owned by us and not to be taken with out our permission. Copy right laws. Thanks
When we have pups, they can be hunted on cats,bear, or coon. $350 for females $300 for males. We feed only top quality dog
food. Shots we give the pups is Duramune Max 5 with parvo and coronavius Puppy shot. As we have found when you give
pups both parvo and corona shots don't have any issues with pups getting sick.
Here is the other female still open
Four guys so far want males. So get on the call back list for pups. They go fast. We kept the bloodline
pure for thirty years for a reason! Track and tree dogs with good noses. We are breeding two females to a
son of Spring Creek Dummy this winter or next spring. We will also have a litter this fall Sally and will try
Thanks for visiting.
Thomas' Iowa's Drifter double Spring
Creek Rock half brother half sister cross