Registered Treeing Walker Hounds or pups For Sale! Bred for bear,coon,cats! Hounds that trail game to tree!
This is what we have for sale at this time. Thanks for visiting our site!! Mears' old Finley River and Spring Creek Rock our main Walker bloodlines. We
kept the bloodline pure for a reason!!! Spring Creek Rock put the drive on track, what stopped them at the tree, where the brains from. If you like dogs
that drive a track and have tree power we don't give on either!  Easy to start our pups not much interest in off game, very open on track and stay put
tree dog. Breeding top hunting dogs to top hunting dogs since 1990!  Buyers always pay all shipping related cost also any cost associated with new
pup or dog!! NO DEPOSIT REFUNDED!! $100 deposit is due when you buy a pup or dog. So my time isn't wasted or yours. All have two year guarantee
to hunt when hunted !!!  We hunt what we breed and breed what we hunt. Sometimes a young pup likes coon better than bear and sometimes likes
bear better than coon. We will let the owner come for a different pup up till they are two years old. The owner has to bring pup back here when they
want a different pup. I only had to replace 5 pups in 25 years! We reserve the right to return your money if we don't feel you would make a good owner
of our hounds.
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All pictures are owned by us and not to be taken with out our permission. Copy right laws. Thanks
Our pups can be hunted on cats,bear, or coon. $350 for females $300 for males when we have the some. We feed only top quality dog food.
Shots we give the pups is Duramune Max 5 with parvo and coronavius Puppy shot. As we have found when you give pups both parvo and
corona shots don't have any issues with pups getting sick. All pups are UKC reg, shots and wormed regular and feed top dog food Sportmix
wholesome chicken and rice.
Bruce is as good as it gets for accurate treed dog on coon, bear and cats has cold nose with big bawl mouth that can wind the game when jumped and run to catch.
Pups out Bruce are treeing mean barn cats by four or five months when left running loose on farm. Coon by six on their own bear by nine months old on own.
Bruce's pups are outstanding when hunted. We had three of Bruce's daughter here this summer all can run and tree coon, as well as cats and bear. Alone or in
company. Bruce stud fee $300
This is Bruce's mom's pedigree
Bruce's & Dot's dad's
Have males through out the US if your looking for a good nose, that can drive a
track, excellent bay dogs, super tree dogs with brains, level headed with more
sense than most people, are easy to handle. Just give us a call.
Sally is due to have pups September 20. $350
females $300 males. open at this time. We bred
Lonnie littermate to Dot and Lizzy. Lonnie's oldest
pups are 3 years old own by a old timer near St.
Paul,VA and kept the whole litter with his son and
they are all doing great on job on bear. This line has
been made with Lonnie's sister's and Sally's brother
and they were treeing coon by seven months old
needing no help. This line is hunted on bear, all cats,
and coon.
Bear treed this past weekend with Sally July 31, 2015. Sally is
one of our best bay dogs on game and super track dog.
Proven producer.
Here is Sally and Lizzy treed on their bear.
Sally's moms pedigree link just click on
Sally's dads pedigree link just click on
Here is another bear that Sally treed. Dogs have been fighting
this little mean bear all summer. They finally pulled enough
hair he went up but came down. Went up two more times and
then just sat and fought in the bush.
Lonnie the father of the pups. Proven produver of track and tree dogs. Guy in VA bred his grade
female to Lonnie and they kept the whole litter and they are doing great on bear. Big huge bawl mouth.
Lots of grit hunted coon and cats. Has four littermates on bear and cats, one littermate on coon in the
south Miss.
Lonnie's mom Shania's mom's pedigree link just click on
Lonnie's moms father Dukes pedigree link click on
Lonnie's dad Ledfords Lonnie pedigree link click on